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Our Foundation

BOMER perceives clinical nutrition as a key therapy in:

  • Promotion of health
  • Nurturing of life
  • Support and maintenance of qualitative and quantitative aspects of life.

We view all these aspects as essential needs during sickness and in the lifecycle as a whole.

BOMER envisions an empowered population devoid of ignorance on nutrition related issues in all faces of life.

BOMER focuses on multidisciplinary approach to healthcare provision, rooted in clinical care which encompasses in-patient and outpatient, and by extension to the community at large.

BOMER is not only a forum that advocates for optimal nutrition but one that aims at promoting sound evidence based nutrition practices in the prevention and management of nutrition related disturbance and as a key adjuvant to clinical medicine. Finally,

BOMER envisages a professional actualization of standards of practice and all relevant stakeholders. 



About Us

Advocating for lifestyle change in order to tackle the double burden of malnutrition.

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We do organization-based forums for corporates churches, academic institutions and even estates. You can book as per our contacts so as the necessary arrangements can be done.

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